AJ & McCall 01/09/19

AJ & McCall are both older siblings and of course had to watch their siblings for free, but if they were working for someone of course they should be paid. A post has gone viral about a mom trying to skip out on paying her babysitter, but McCall says she has an even worse experience. When spring comes all of the allergies will be had…unless you’ve gotten over them? Apparently McCall accidentally took something she’s allergic too but had no reaction. Yesterday AJ earned lots of brownie points by making a trip to the store to pick up lady things for his girlfriend because she had never had a boy do that. Ladies, will your guys pick those things up? Since AJ wasn’t embarrassed McCall is going to come up with a few things to see if he’ll tap out on the trip for the Debate At 8. Who is Andrea? The internet is trying to figure it out who this mystery barf bag writer is since she tried to catch someone at the airport to tell him that she has a crush on him, but is it real?