AJ & McCall 01/10/19

McCall’s house keeps getting closer and closer to being done but while the insulation was being put in last night she couldn’t sleep in the house, luckily she has a trailer. That isn’t the worst place she has slept though. Condiments can make a break a meal, but what are the favorites of the country? There’s one that is not getting the respect it deserves and AJ is unhappy but will soon be dispensed out of a billboard. McCall gets weird messages all the time and AJ tells her to just ignore and block them, but she doesn’t. Now her friend is dealing with a weird message situation so AJ is putting on his creepy hat for the Debate At 8 to see how McCall should respond to certain things said and types of messages. Music is powerful and can effect us in many ways, including making us speed. What song makes you drive faster?