AJ & McCall 01/23/19

McCall is in a cult! …well according to AJ, who else has tidied up with Marie Kondo. AJ is really dealing with a cult…of bugs! All of a sudden he has a ton of Box Elder Bugs and needs tips to get rid of them. AJ is notorious for not scrapping off his windshield all that much. How much of your windshield needs to be clear for you to drive? AJ has been biting his tongue since the holidays but can’t keep it pent up anymore, and McCall has some tea to spill also. For the Debate At 8 it’s gift etiquette; self-giving, gift requesting and gift judging. Every time there’s someone that lives past 100 they ask them what their secret is and it’s also something weird like soda. What would your key to long life be?