AJ & McCall 02/05/19

McCall has not had a great 24 hours and it continued this morning with her quest for coffee. Have you ever run in to a place that was 24 hours but wasn’t open? Is there place you wish was opened longer? Later this year McCall will be doing some traveling, potentially to California, but she doesn’t want to go to LAX because that’s the worst airport of all time. AJ thinks she’s being just a bit over the top. The start of McCall’s bad 24 hours was her dentist appointment yesterday and finding out has six cavities. We know we should floss and we know it’s good to floss but we don’t. And that’s not it for the Debate At 8, because AJ FINALLY started doing something yesterday he is supposed to. AJ’s bug problem took a turn for the weirder and he needs advice.