AJ & McCall 02/07/19

You’re in the wild, an animal attacks and you have to fight for your life, could you escape? AJ & McCall are playing ‘What Could You Kill?’ What could they handle in the wild and escape? As a kid we hate naps but they’re day savers as an adult, but you can’t just take theme everywhere. McCall has taken the most uncomfortable nap, but she definitely didn’t take the worst or most obvious nap. Valentine’s Day is a week away and the anxiety is starting to build. AJ & McCall read another Valentine’s Fix finalist and are gonna use that as a learning experience. Ahead of what could be a magical night you’re definitely going to want to avoid the dating deal breakers. For the Debate At 8, what are the things that immediately guarantee no date number two? McCall also gives us her ice breaker questions and helps us with the gifts we need so we don’t get an F this year.