AJ & McCall 02/18/19

McCall has been steadily working and now AJ is trying to get back to the gym, but are they healthy? There’s a new bench mark that can determine if you’re much less likely to suffer from heart disease, heart attack and stroke and that’s 40 push ups. PHYSICAL CHALLENGE! How many can AJ & McCall do? McCall has her lights in but that’s the problem, meanwhile AJ needs the queen of passive aggressive’s help because of all the questions and assumptions. Don’t you just wish you had a hole you could climb in some times to avoid embarrassment? If only we could just disappear, but we can’t and those moments are what we’re sharing for the Debate At 8. Who else had a go invisible moment because they looked silly? We finally hit another Saranoni Blanket Giveaway, but there’s another chance to win!