AJ & McCall 02/21/19

Even if you philosophy is try new things odds are you haven’t tried everything on the menu, even at your favorite restaurant. A food writer did just that at Taco Bell, all 53 items and AJ & McCall are thoroughly impressed. It’s Tax Season! For some people it’s a chance to splurge, others a way to catch up on bills and for others it’s a dreadful time, which represents the three parts of the VFX morning show. So if you’re not in the same boat as McCall, what’s the coolest thing you bought recently? McCall got a little loopy yesterday at the dentist and didn’t know what was reality, what she was saying, what the dentist was saying. Her head grew ten times it’s normal size for the Debate At 8, but what was real? Ever have a loopy experience and say crazy things? Sometimes you have a brain fart but don’t pause to figure out what you’re saying, instead you try to describe it and that turns to gold.