AJ & McCall 03/08/19

This Sunday is McCall’s birthday but it’s also Daylight Savings Time. Does anyone really like DST? AJ & McCall have sarcasm as part of their core make up and they just can’t help to have the snark. It doesn’t help when someone told her one of the dumbest things she has ever heard. At some point you outgrow the silly rules and codes of dating, but they really do exist. McCall found out after hanging out with some single friends this weekend and AJ’s buddy will be visiting and will be talking about dating; three day rule, can’t be too eager and all that ridiculousness. What dumb dating rule do you hate for the Debate At 8? Sunday may be Daylight Savings Time but it is also National Ranch Day, totally appropriate for McCall’s birthday. What National Day should fall on your birthday for a perfect fit?