AJ & McCall 03/25/19

Are your brackets on fire yet? AJ really noticed how bad his hearing is this weekend with his friend in town and able to hear the volume at a much lower level then him, and McCall may have a solution for why he’s deaf. 15 minutes of fame seems like it’s always bad, which was definitely the case for AJ at the casino, but McCall had a good, well deserved viral moment this weekend. Of course you want to be supportive as a friend but at some point isn’t there a line? AJ has a message just sitting in his messenger from a friend wanting him to subscribe to his podcast that he’s avoiding, and of course there’s MLMs. Do you have to like pages, subscribe, all of that or are you a bad friend for the Debate At 8? What’s your idea of paradise, because thanks to Justin Bieber McCall may have found a new one.