AJ & McCall 03/29/19

It’s dark in the morning and McCall is still remodeling her house so it’s a mine field any time she needs to go anywhere. What could be the worst thing she steps on? Social media has really been frustrating McCall lately and so AJ told her she should just let it out. For the first time ever, it’s McCall’s Musical Thoughts. AJ & McCall stumbled across some old photos recently that had them shaking their heads. What embarrassing fashion trends did you follow for the Debate At 8, because nothing could be worse than feathers, zip off cargos and the eyeliner AJ & McCall had. Would you ever plan a pregnancy? All of a sudden their are work places around the countries where a bunch of coworkers are pregnant at the same time, but that would seem like a really weird thing to coordinate together wouldn’t it?