AJ & McCall 06/19/19

Someone’s brain is already melted this week and it isn’t AJ & McCall, and on Taco Trek no less. Did you know sunscreen could expire? What are some of your worst sunburns? AJ & McCall are handing out advice; what should Kristen do when she wants to sell her tickets but her friend that said she’d take them ghosted her? Everyone hates traffic, but how do we feel about lane filtering for motorcycles? Have you seen the video from Orem? Also, for the Debate At 8 what states are the worst to drive through because a recent ranking got it COMPLETELY WRONG! For a very special moment, like an engagement, you’re going to plan out every detail you can for it to go perfect but that doesn’t mean hilarity won’t intervene. Country singer Chris Lane had a beautiful engagement but had one little slip up.