AJ & McCall 06/20/19

How is a meme born? Keanu Reeves is the latest one, and is a sweetheart, but how did it happen? And apparently he has been asked to be in every Marvel Movie ever. If you met a celebrity you really wanted to meet what would you want from the experience. McCall says a great conversation, AJ says selfie. The Poll of the Day says overwhelmingly a selfie instead of an autograph but so many celebrities don’t want to take them anymore because it ‘cheapens the experience.’ Is that up to them to decide? One of the siblings of the show got busted trying to sneak out and mom is nice enough to call in and share their shame. How did you get caught sneaking out for the Debate At 8? Don’t let a crazy name hold you back because there is a Dr. Marijuana Pepsi now, and congratulations to her.