AJ & McCall 06/26/19

Tom Holland really is a super hero and finally released his commercial with Donovan Mitchell and it’s hilarious. Have you ever felt like your social media shows you ads after you searched for things? Apparently, it’s all ‘dumb luck.’ Would you wear a shock bracelet to correct a bad habit? McCall would like to stop biting her nails, though apparently AJ used to get sent to the nurse’s office all the time in elementary school because of hang nails. Can you believe it’s almost July already? There’s a ton of things McCall hasn’t gotten done yet for the summer, but the way McCall thinks about things like fishing is the interesting part. A pie chart in a resume? This threw AJ & McCall for a loop but it got them thinking about their time. If you could slow down time what would you spend more time on for the Debate At 8? Lemonade stands and a fake internship program, maybe AJ & McCall found ways to make some extra cash.