AJ & McCall 06/28/19

New music from Ed Sheeran and Khalid and the music video is awesome for “Beautiful People.” A friend of the AJ & McCall Show got engaged and then said she’s just trying to inspire them to get to the altar. Somewhere AJ’s mom was crying because she got the exact thing she wanted for her birthday, someone else trying to get AJ to propose. Couldn’t a lot more work meetings be summed up in emails? McCall’s Musical Thoughts will help stop them, maybe, though she did have to call an unnecessary meeting to be heard. Producer Butterz is burnt out on salad, which we made fun of, but what can’t you eat or drink because you got sick or tired of it for the Debate At 8? Ever buy anything that immediately became useless? AJ has a new business idea for McCall that’ll help her get more animals too.