AJ & McCall 09/27/18

Are you a cat person? Are you sure because according to stats the average cat person watches 700 cat videos a year, and that’s less than two a day which isn’t all that much. McCall has always been a dog person…or has she? She spoils her dogs, we all know that, but how much extra is McCall when it comes to her pet? How much do you dote on your pets? AJ turns the big 30 next year and kind of ignores it, but lucky for him he has McCall. So her mission for the Debate At 8 she is making a 30 by 30 list, the things AJ needs to do before his birthday. What things should AJ put on his 30 by 30 list? the Block Film and Arts Festival is in town this weekend and Mary Urban Clarke is in to tell us more about all the awesome things going on with it.