AJ & McCall 10/16/17

AJ & McCall took on bad luck and Friday the 13th by attempting to do several of those bad luck things you shouldn’t (step on a crack, break a mirror, walk under a ladder, etc). So how was their weekends? Did superstition strike? Google has new headphones you can wear that will translate a bunch of languages, so if you could learn a second language instantly what would you pick? VFX is having a Monster Off! Who will win the Monster Tournament? For the #DebateAt8 who would win between a werewolf and a vampire? Monday means we’ve got to call our winner of this past week’s West Motor Pigskin Pick’em, the half carat loose diamond from Jerrick’s Fine Jewelry. And speaking of prizes, we’re halfway to another 100 Facebook LIKES which means another drawing for prizes. Tell your friends and family.