AJ & McCall 10/19/17

Thursday means AJ & McCall make their West Motor Pigskin picks. Up for grabs is a new washer and dyer from Hooker Appliance, and yesterday we found out it would take a lot for McCall to give up her washer and dryer so we will play ‘Would You Rather?’ What would it take for AJ & McCall to give up their washer and dryer? Speaking of would you rather, Gordon Hayward’s gruesome ankle injury has been all the talk but it is totally gross. AJ & McCall can’t stand bone breaking or pimple popping videos, but which would they rather watch? Also accompanied by reaction videos on Snap Chat. It’s the last day of round one for the Monster Off! The #DebateAt8 is Slender Man versus Frankenstein’s monster, who wins? It’s a ‘Would You Rather’ day so the last one…scared or scaring? Which would you rather be?