AJ & McCall 10/25/17

AJ & McCall are giving you $500 to spend at one store, but you have to do it in under 30 minutes. Where would you choose to spend it? AJ is picking Game Stop for video games and McCall is picking Sephora for make up. Our producer had an encounter with road rage this weekend and had someone follow him home. What are your craziest traffic stories? AJ got challenged to a fight and McCall has been followed before. Jason and Freddy Krueger have moved on in the #HorrorMovie Tournament. The #DebateAt8 today has Jigsaw against Hannibal. Who is scarier? A list was put together of the best band in all 50 states and McCall is surprised at how few AJ recognizes. How many do you know? And reverse #vfxFacebookRoulette today to win Cherry Peak Haunted Slopes tickets!