AJ & McCall 10/26/17

Thursday is West Motor Pigkskin Picks day for AJ & McCall. The deadline this week is at 4p tomorrow, not the normal 6p. This week you’re playing for an awesome ski package (2 adult & 2 children ski rentals and 8 all day passes to local ski resorts) from the Sportsman! Yesterday we spent make believe money, today do you pick the red or blue pill? Red takes you back to 10 with the knowledge you have now and Blue takes you 45 and gives you 50 million dollars. Which do you pick? Our #HorrorMovie Tournament closes the first round with Leather Face versus the Creeper from Jeeper’s Creeper. Who is scarier for the #DebateAt8? And AJ & McCall…procrastinated! They were supposed to do bios a few weeks ago and still haven’t. How would you describe them? The best description for each will win a pair of tickets to the Haunted Slopes at Cherry Peak tomorrow morning.