AJ & McCall 10/27/17

AJ lives in an apartment and McCall lives in a trailer, should they buy candy for Halloween? Do you trick or treat door to door? AJ & McCall are infamous for their procrastination and know others have too. Don’t have a costume? Comment a selfie and our fashion expert McCall will tell you what the perfect costume for you is! All week we’ve been working through our #HorrorMovie tournament AND the final battle royal is here! Jason, Freddy, Jigsaw or Leather Face, who is scarier for the #DebateAt8. Whoever wins AJ & McCall will have to watch one of their movies, and they aren’t looking forward to it. And who are AJ & McCall. They were supposed to write bios weeks ago but couldn’t figure out how to describe themselves. Who do you think they are? We read off some of the best ones!