AJ & McCall: After Show 11/08/19

It’s the Friday Free-for-All! Introducing our new intern KC and Producer Butterz shaved and looks like a dad. AJ is concerned that Butterz is heading quickly towards the emotional breakdown that McCall has already had. Let’s pile on AJ for his pompous way of speaking. We found out our presidential platform for 2020, if you don’t agree you’re dumb. Millenials are supposed to be the richest generation but none of us can find that cash. Next time McCall hyperventilates and has a panic attack she’s going to do it while playing a harmonica. Is a Ouija Board with emojis less dangerous? Can you believe that Producer Butterz doesn’t know the Danny Phantom theme song? Who are your cartoon crushes, because McCall has an insane answer. What is Kanye’s deal?