AJ & McCall Show 01/31/20

Was AJ able to turn trolls in to fans? Who would have though AJ & McCall stumbled in to the ultimate Super Bowl food fight simply over eating 7 Layer Dip hot or cold. Yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg with terrible roommates. Didn’t everyone get the crash course on what sickness lies you can use to get out of work? There’s a coworker that went hard on their story and AJ & McCall decide if they’re lying. Parents lose sleep with a newborn, but who loses the most? What tips do the moms have for dealing with it for the Debate At 8? AJ & McCall are thinking about hiring a service, but AJ feels like people will think he’s snobby for doing so. We finally made it to the end of January! What parking spot was most annoying in this week’s Park Narcs?