AJ & McCall Show 11/04/19

How are you handling DST? McCall was super anxious all last week but AJ finally tried something his girlfriend has recommended for awhile and it could help McCall. AJ is trying to do what he can to waste a scammers time. Two more contenders this week for Park Narcs, but who’s the most annoying. How do you sing L-M-N-O-P? Because the new ABC song has changed it. Don’t we all sneak food in to the theaters, concerts, sporting events? But who has the most impressive sneak in feat for the Debate At 8? How would you respond to a stranger running up to your car to hug you? AJ & McCall know DST is dumb, but who the heck would rather have light in the mornings instead of the evening? Suspicious happenings in AJ’s house force a medium to call in. Who made the better playlist between AJ & McCall?