AJ & McCall Show 11/05/19

Isn’t it ironic that AJ can’t send a fake link to a scammer that keeps messaging him? Who in the heck would get in a fight over a sandwich, let alone stabbing someone?! Are you ready for a Nevada guessing game? Will McCall be able to speak in only three word sentences for an interview the VFX staff is running? A Medium contacted AJ yesterday to let him know there’s a ghost cat in his house and today he’ll have his Tarot Card read for the first time. Do you believe in the Mystic Arts for the Debate At 8? It doesn’t take any psychic powers for AJ to realize he’s old, just a missed a concert. How about some practice for McCall in three word sentences, she needs it. Why shouldn’t McCall go to Australia? The little guy, the Doughnut Smuggler, was snuffed out sadly.