AJ & McCall Show 11/11/19

McCall ‘accidentally’ watched a Hallmark movie and hated it. Meanwhile it was already declared National Check Out time, but what is the worst Monday in this otherwise very relaxed stretch of two months? How do you get rid of the hiccups? Shapes are hard for this week’s Park Narcs. Anyone shave off their facial hair for No Shave November? Is that okay because AJ thinks there’s a lot of people that hate it, guy and girl. This weekend a ghost told AJ’s girlfriend that she was ‘in danger of dying.’ which lead to a freak out phone call from her parents. Meanwhile, AJ’s siblings all have had a near fatal situation. How have you scared your parents for the Debate At 8? The scamming went from BitCoin investing to immigration fraud. Does 11/11 mean anything to McCall after all the moon magic? What are the rules for giving people rides to the airport?