Elizabeth Chambers appears to have encouraged Effie to press charges against her ex-husband, Armie Hammer, so that she could get full custody of their two children.

According to Page Six, Chambers reached out to Effie, the woman who first leveled sexual misconduct charges against the Call Me By Your Name star, and wrote, “I really need custody of my precious children. Do you think you could make a declaration this week? It will all be private. I don’t want to pressure you, but your insight is much more in depth than the others we have.”

Effie continuously maintained that Hammer was “scaring” her and his other alleged victims into not reporting his behavior, but Chambers assured her that her estranged husband could do “NOTHING” to hurt them.

A representative for Chambers told Page Six, “Given the extent and nature of allegations that were made, Elizabeth sought to determine the veracity of those allegations. She was very sensitive to all parties involved. The safety and well being of their children remains her priority.”

Effie told the outlet Thursday (September 22nd), “It’s unfortunate that Elizabeth, like the producers of House of Hammer, is looking to profit from others’ trauma. She can’t call herself a feminist when her ‘best friend’ is an abuser. The ones who need healing are the victims – not the abusers.”

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