Sources tell TMZ that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills producers are seeing nothing but dollar signs amid the scandal involving Erika Jayne and her estranged (and allegedly physically and mentally debilitated) husband Tom Girardi. So to cash in the current scandal, they’re skipping their usual shooting break and are gearing up to go into production on Season 12.

Jayne and Girardi have been accused of embezzling millions intended for plane crash victims to fund their lavish lifestyle, and Jayne has been fighting back hard on social media and onscreem.

Jayne, meanwhile, recently changed her tune after throwing massive shade at investigator Ronald Richards.

He hit up IG writing: “What does everyone attorney who worked at Girardi Keese as either an Associate, quasi Partner, or Manager have in common? Answer: Not one of them has taken responsibility for the clients they were obligated to protect and serve or gifted back any of their bonuses or salaries.”

Jayne handed him a insult-compliment, writing: “Finally a post I agree with. Only took you a year of looking in the wrong direction … you really are slow.”

He moved to Twitter to respond: “Taking aside the not nice dig from @erikajayne on the IG page,’attorneyronaldrichards’, we are looking at all directions but the big $ went to one person. We have only been retained since June of 2021 so it hasn’t been a year. We have asked for any 411 to aid in the below review.”

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