Working in radio allows you the chance to interact and meet people all the time and of course you want to leave a good impression. Day in and day out you meet and talk to lots of people and that’s a ton of first impressions on a regular basis. If you’re an introvert or person who doesn’t make a great first impression what do you do?

I’ve often said I’m someone who makes okay first impressions but grows on you over time. It’s not that I think I’m not a people person I just think I’m more introverted, which does seem like an oxymoron when you consider how much of my life is lived on radio. But I often compare myself to McCall, which the running joke is could have a conversation with a wall. Because I’m more quiet I feel like I come across as a bit of a jerk.

I’m not afraid to talk to people I just find myself not great at small talk and fluff. I’m very happy to carry on a conversation and consider it stimulating but a past of dealing with untrustworthy people and also being so open all the time has left me a little more reserved initially.

The truth is I’m not the greatest at watering the seeds with people. I like to travel and get out but am also super comfortable being on my own and just hanging out at the house. There are plenty of days I don’t mind just sitting around and not doing a whole lot. I’m a pretty laid back guy and that goes across the board with a lot of things in my life.

It’s definitely a little complacency, a little laziness but I like to think it’s mostly a carefree attitude. It’s not entirely a negative to be able to be comfortable enough with yourself to do that, but I also get complacent with keeping up with people. Friends that are out of town do go stretches without hearing from me, but it’s not because I don’t care about them or don’t like them I just space it.

A mark of a great friendship is being able to pick up wherever things left off no matter how much space has gone on from the last time, but that doesn’t mean it will survive if it’s permanently left in that state. Long lasting, strong friendships that can work but it definitely won’t for new ones. You have to water the seeds to sprout the whole thing. It may be hard to change that wiring but it is something I do feel that I’m not great at.