Chris Harrison is speaking out in a TV interview on Good Morning America for the first time after stepping down as host of The Bachelor following controversial remarks. It appears he mnay have a ways to go in the battle to win over critics. GMA‘s co-host Michael Strahan dubbed his response just a “surface” apology.

Harrison discussed defending contestant Rachael Kirkconnell's resurfaced antebellum plantation-themed photos with Strahan. He made the remarks during a discussion with Rachel Lindsay.

Harrison said: “I am an imperfect man I made a mistake and I own that. I believe that mistake doesn’t reflect who I am or what I stand for. I am committed to the progress not just for myself also for the franchise.”

He added: “I'm sorry to Rachel Lindsay and the black community.” And: “Antebellum parties are not OK. Past, present, future, knowing what that represents is unacceptable.”

Harrison wants to return as host. He said: “I want to be back but this interview is not the finish line.”

After the interview, Strahan described his conversation with Harrison as a “surface response.”


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