London’s Court of Appeals is hearing Associated Newspapers Ltd.’s attempt to overturn Meghan Markle‘s victory against them in their long-running legal dispute in which she sued them for invasion of privacy and copyright violation after they published a letter she wrote to her father.

On Tuesday, the Court heard evidence that Prince Harry sent a strongly worded text to Meghan’s father Thomas in the days before their 2018 wedding, as he lay alone in the hospital recovering from heart surgery.

A lawyer for the publishers of the Daily Mail described it as being “a text in quite strong terms from Prince Harry,” and invited the presiding judge and other lawyers to read it for themselves in court papers.

The Daily Mail‘s lawyer Andrew Caldecott told the court that he had “new evidence” that would show as “false” Meghan’s claim “that the letter was crafted as an intimate communication for her father’s eyes only.”

Caldecott added: “The letter was crafted specifically with the potential of public consumption in mind because the claimant appreciated Mr Markle might disclose it to the media.”

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