Being born in 1989 it works out nicely that the decades match up with my birthday. 2020 is the start of a new decade and with a new year that of course lines up with New Year’s Resolutions. However, with another decade it seems to be more powerful and carry more weight as it almost seems like a fresh start with a new decade.

Last decade was about self-finding. I finished college during the decade, went full in on a career, moved across the country twice, find the love of my life, I answered a lot of questions for myself. Now of course you never stop evolving and learning but I spent my 20’s answering a lot of the important questions. A career, relationship, saving, it was about putting patterns in place to set up the rest of my life.

Now for the 20’s decade it’s all about building, taking the foundations I’ve set up and making them grow higher. Who doesn’t make New Year’s Resolutions? A very popular one is working out and losing weight, and I’ve been baggeled in several years past, but this time I have a partner to keep me on track and help me eat better. Maybe my 30’s are a little late to set the goal of getting in the best shape of my life, but with so many other things in place it’s much easier. I have things in order so I can make and maintain the schedule.

For my career I just celebrated my third year on the VFX morning show. When I came to Utah I had never done mornings and was fresh off seven months without a job and being told that radio may not be my future. I’m still very green but have built something I’m really proud of and know a lot more of what I need to do. My goal, and competitive nature, is to be one of the best in the radio industry. There’s still plenty for me to improve on but the networking I’ve done and years I’ve put in the show have me very confident I’ll continue to climb, even fresh off the blood bath iHeart just had.

With all the answers I found for myself, and putting things in place, I now can use this decade to do more of the things I’ve wanted to but haven’t had time, admittedly laziness has been a factor too, to do. I’ve always considered myself very intelligent but have not done a good job to further my brain’s growth. More schooling is something I’ve been toying with for awhile, and still is a bit up in the air, but is something I can put in place. For sure I’ve made it a goal to read a whole lot more, have added books to my collection to read and put it on the schedule. I’ve never been a big reader and it’s something everyone should do more of.

Everyone has hobbies but how much do you put in to them? Sports and writing have always been my biggest ones but, just like anyone, I’ve gotten complacent. Not anymore; blogging and podcasting will be my biggest goals this decade. Those will also coincide with more social media, content creation and making the AJ & McCall Show bigger and better.

Over 80% of people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by mid February and it’s natural for people to get complacent, to not have the time, but that’s why a simple schedule can be such a big tool. The key to complete anything is to keep yourself accountable and that will be the biggest change for me this year and this decade.

It’s never too late to make changes, but with a new decade it feels like there’s more and better energy to use to make improvements. Heck, even just the calendar turning over to 2020 gives even the most complacent an event to shake it up. Maybe this decade is still about self-finding for you, but make it your year. To quote McCall Taylor, start now.