The chairman of the Conservative Party in England has been accused of selling access to Prince Charles. Ben Elliott, 45, the Duchess of Cornwall‘s nephew, introduced a member of his luxury concierge business, Quintessentially, to Charles, in exchange of tens of thousands of pounds, the UK Times reports.

Mohamed Amersi, 61, a millionaire who made his fortune working in telecoms, reportedly met Charles for a private dinner in Scotland in 2013, after paying up.


Peter Phillips, meanwhile, the son of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, spoke out about how he’s trying to support the Queen amid her grief over losing her husband Prince Philip. He is their eldest grandchild.

“Our thoughts immediately went to my grandmother,” Phillips said. “We’ve been trying to support her as much as we can. Everybody saw the image of Her Majesty sitting alone at the funeral. It would have been the same for any other family; the hardest part is not being able to hug those closest to the person who’s been lost.”

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