In nature it’s about the path of least resistance, the easiest. Now while I may not be as big a believer in some of the holistic energies of those close to me, it would be silly to not think some of that carries over. Is not ‘falling in to a routine’ the human version of finding the path of least resistance.

Finding a routine is common for everyone and it isn’t always a bad thing, but a routine can also become a rut. It can become an auto-pilot that let’s life just speed by in a blink of an eye. That’s why it’s always important to set goals to keep you focused so that you’re always moving forward instead of just treading water, especially in the work place.

Of course there’s always going to be challenges to overcome, but there are also road blocks. Push back can come from any number of sources and that can really turn things in to a rut. Any work place you’ve been you’ve encountered people who have let that beat down get them down. They resort to doing the bare minimum, or even less. After head bumping in to those road blocks time and time again they give up.

Everyone will go through this, but can you maintain focus and come through. If you can then those who get beat down become speed bumps in front of those road blocks. It becomes more and more challenging to try and exceed expectations and make changes, but you can’t let it stop you. Don’t let the beat down keep you down.

Most places I’ve worked have been smaller places that are set in their ways, but new blood means new energy and new ideas. That’s not to say that things weren’t working well, but there’s always innovation and new and better ways to do things. Change isn’t always excepted though, especially for those in their routine and comfortable with the status quo. Don’t let those road blocks stop you, blow through them.

This is how things are, this is how we’ve always done them, those are not winning attitudes. In every stage of life there’s always more to learn and ways to get better. That thirst is what defines me and why I will always consider myself someone who rocks the boat. I always want to be the best and find a better way to do it. That isn’t going to make you the golden child all the time.

When you always demand more you’re going to come across as pushy, arrogant to those who have been there awhile, greedy, unhappy and un-accepting and maybe even a little crazy. For some reason there are always going to be those that try and cut down those that are successful while others copy and try and ride coattails, but true leadership is action and not words. True success stories see the vision and don’t let those roadblocks stop them.

Even the best will get frustrated and bogged down at times, but they will find a way to get over the speed bumps and run right through the road blocks and some times it’s best to ask for forgiveness instead of permission. Now I wouldn’t say the ends don’t always justify the means but let the success speak for itself. Even if it isn’t appreciated in your current situation someone will. Those that find success and climb will rise above all the muck we all deal with.

Maybe you’ll have to do it alone some times, a lot of the times, but conquering those challenges is what it’s about. If you want success, in career, life, relationships, then that’s the goal that will keep you focused and moving forward. And on that path you may also inspire some of those that let themselves get stuck in the rut. Don’t let the beat down keep you down.