Whoopi Goldberg reflected on her past scandals in politics and love with Drew Barrymore on her new digital series called The Drew Barrymore Show‘s digital Art of the Interview.


In 2004, Goldberg recalls losing out on work over her cracks against President George W. Bush at a fundraiser. She said that after getting blowback, she was lucky to get a second chance at The View: “Listen, I got very, very lucky because I got into some trouble where I pissed off a politician and then I lost everything really. I lost my ability to make a living, I lost any kind of things that I had going on that would bring money in, so I didn't work for five years.”

She continued, “Barbara Walters, God bless her, said, ‘I need another person. Would you ever consider?' And I was like, ‘Yes.' Because I had gone through all of my savings. You know taking care of your family, everything is sitting on you. And so, I went through everything and she gave me a job which has lasted ten years now and I'm really grateful for.”


Barrymore, 45, reminisces about informing Goldberg on the set of her 1995 film Boys on the Side that she married Jeremy Thomas. As it turns out, Goldberg could relate.

Barrymore: “By the way, sidebar, when I had to show up on the set of Boys on the Side and tell you I got married over the weekend? Talk about shame. Like, 'Yeah, no, I wasn't really talking about this guy last week, but I'm married to him now. So happy Monday.' I was, I was embarrassed because I care about what you think.” (GOLDBERG): “You'll remember that I did that also, pretty much the same way. ‘Hey, yes, I'm here. No, no, I did get married. What's his name? Wait a minute, I know it — but let's finish with what you're talking about and we'll get to what his name is.'” (BARRYMORE): “It's a real 'how-was-you-weekend?' moment!”

Barrymore was 19 when she married Thomas, was 31 at the time. Later, she married Tom Green 1999-2001, then Will Kopelman, whom she was married to for about four years. They split in 2016.

Goldberg was married to Alvin Martin, whom she split from in 1979, then married David Claessen 1986-88, then Lyle Trachtenberg 1994-95.

Goldberg is preparing to kick off season 24 of The View on September 8th with co-hosts Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines. Barrymore is officially launching The Drew Barrymore Show September 14th.


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