Drew Carey supported the Hollywood writers strike by providing sustenance to those on the picket line—and their families. The Price Is Right host generously paid for the meals of approximately “80 to 100 writers a day” at Swingers Diner in Los Angeles.

Stephanie Wilson, the owner of the restaurant, told Entertainment Tonight, “About a week into the strike, Drew reached out to us and said, 'We have to do something for the writers. Would it be OK if I offered free meals at Swingers? Can you guys facilitate that?' I was like, 'Yeah, absolutely.' So we did!”

She added, “What's really special about what he did is Drew wasn't just covering costs for the writers. He would cover spouses, he would cover entire families … He's really looking out for an entire industry, which is pretty amazing.”

Wilson estimated that the Whose Line Is It Anyway? star spent “six figures during the strike … thousands every day.”

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