The worst teams in the fantasy leagues aren’t the ones that bottom out, those top picks get you back to the top, but the ones that muddle around in the middle. ‘Oh I’m winning a few games maybe I should hang on to these vets and see what happens.’ Those teams maybe make the playoffs but likely get bumped early and then pick in the middle of the rounds. Now, you can be shrewd and make some smart waiver claims and some good draft picks and climb the ladder, but everything needs to be perfect.

Fantasy Football is fun, you manage a team and try to build a champion. And in Dynasty you really have all the control with a big roster, drafting young players, trading picks and not being able to reset at the end of the year. We all can say we know when to tear down and start over, but can you really fight that instinct to win and do what’s best long term even if it means you are going to take your lumps for a season? Can you get ahead of the seller’s market and move those vets for draft picks and young pieces, and wait on them to develop, even if your team is doing some winning?

My Dynasty League features a Dynasty, seriously my brother got Zeke, Jordan Howard, Mike Evans and has since traded for AB and Fournette. Not to mention he has gotten to draft Corey Brown, Guice and Ridley over the last two drafts at the end of the first which shouldn’t happen. Very few people are going to compete with that without A TON of build up. He’s the Warriors and the rest of us are trying to figure out how to climb that mountain.

Now there’s a learning curve in our league with everyone being in their first Dynasty League, which is a big factor in my brother having a great first draft, but also how you see Joe Mixon and JuJu Smith-Schuster get traded for almost nothing. Then those same teams don’t move Frank Gore when he has a top 20 season or Emanuel Sanders when he is off to a hot start. You can wait and see, and injuries can drastically change a season, but don’t we all have a feel for what our team can do?

Middle of the pack means nothing except that you’re doing enough winning to not go anywhere. Buy or Sell you’ve just got to pick a way to take your team. The key is not to let those old assets lose their value and be worthless and the philosophy I’m operating under is no matter how good my team is to constatnly be thinking future so guys like Tate who is 30 and entering a free agent year is a prime candidate to move to gather assets to build my team or to use to buy when the time is right. Already my first through seventh round picks have been turned in to 1, 2, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6 for the next draft with Tate and AP still on the block. About to get my Patriots on and gather some 2020 picks if I can.

While I’m pushing hard to sell other teams are sitting playing the wait and see game, and maybe will win our weak division but what are the chances they will win the chip? Unlikely, and they’ll torch their draft pick while they’re at it. No one wants to lose but don’t get a few more meaningless wins at the expense at a better future.