This rookie draft class for quarterbacks has been one that several members of our Dynasty League have beeen banking on to replenish the depth of the position. Five rookie QBs went in the first round and four in the first ten picks. Those caliber of draft picks and signal callers means they will fly off the board in rookie drafts quick, in fact they will probably mostly be gone by the end of the second round in our draft.

Quaterbacks can be a sound long term investment because of how long they can play, but what I realized this off season is the value just isn’t there. If you have one of the elite QBs like Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady then you have someone of value, but it’s unlikely you could even sell them for what they’re worth. And if you built up depth, like snagging Jimmy Garoppolo or Patrick Mahomes, then it’s unlikely you’ll get anything worth while in a trade. Heck, Andrew Luck was traded away in our league this offseason for pennies on the dollar.

If you think about it the QB market is so saturated that there isn’t a scarcity to get a usuable player, or even two to rotate through the season. The NFC, the entire conference, has usable starting QBs. In a 12 team league, which is what mine is, that’s already one a team without any rookies and a whole other conference. Even if you don’t have an elite QB you can through with a rotation of two, I got through last season with Dak Prescott and Jameis Winston, though I will get Carson Wentz back this season.

I even picked up Jimmy G ahead of his huge breakout to get some depth and give me a tradable asset and yet only got a 2nd round swap out of it despite the fact he will probably be a pretty good player this season. Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck and Kirk Cousins were also traded this off season for not much in return. There really is no market for quaterbacks.

In a rookie class with five first round quaterbacks then you can look to take depth, heck I may even look to after trading my way down to two quaterbacks, but don’t overdraft. This offseason has proven that you aren’t going to get value and could even handicap your team by passing up running backs or wide receivers which are more valuable, and RBs have such a quicker turnover.

It is a sellers market for QBs. Think about it, even if you were to stockpile three or four to try and swing the market in your favor you would be handicapping your rosters and really limiting the options at the skill positions that are more likely to carry you to a championship. Even with two elite QBs you can only start one, and if they are elite you’re likely just puttin them in your lineup and leaving them until the bye week. The quaterback market is only a quater back market so don’t get yourself in to assets you will sell low on.