The end of the Fantasy Football season was summarized with ‘Ride It Out’ because of how my season fell flat because of injuries and suspensions. So ride it out and try again with a fresh year after swinging some big trades that fell apart with injuries right? Then the Chiefs stars continued their dumb moves and Tyreek Hill got busted. Still ride it out or hit the reset?

As the league enters its third rookie draft I will be without a 1st round pick for the second straight year. Two seasons ago I traded one for Devonta Freeman and this past season I traded several picks, including my 1st, for AJ Green and Tevin Coleman. Both trades fell short with Freeman and Green being hurt and Coleman underperforming. Then Hunt got released sinking my team, despite finishing one game out of the playoffs for the second straight year.

So ride it out, get those players back with Joe Mixon, DeAndre Hopkins Hill and Kenny Golladay right? Even Hunt got signed, albeit with a suspension, and then Hill got in trouble. Green is aging and two of my core pieces are on the verge of falling off the face of the Earth. With no 1st round pick do I hit the reset button and go back to the drawing board?

On my team I had David Njoku, Chris Herndon, Hayden Hurst and Tyler Eifert. Going in to the rookie draft we keep 16 players and I was at 18 probable keepers. I made the decision to reset, a small one, to move Eifert for a 3rd and a higher 4th rounder for a 4th and 5th round pick and go young at the position, but what else do I do? The safe decision may be to move on from Hill and Hunt and not take the risk but they are high end players.

Hunt will serve an eight game suspension and split the backfield with Chubb when he comes back. For Hill, who knows? There’s no news on him and rumors are he could eventually just be banned from the league after his issues in college but realistically hasn’t the NFL shown that telnted players will get multiple chances. I am by no means saying he’s a good person but I think there could be a suspension for him and that’s it.

There have been offers for Hunt, Hill, Green and Hopkins that I’ve held off on. Normally my policy has been to move on from older players like Green, but currently I’m hesitant about trading at some of their lowest values. I think Green can bounce back but the biggest question is Hill and Hunt. Hunt’s issue has seemingly been resolved but what happens after this year? Could he get another job or will he stay with the Browns in a committee? Will he be a workhorse again?

I’m inclined to potentially move on from Hunt with the likelihood his free agent options could be limited and not reach workhorse status again but haven’t gotten to that point with Hill. Being the Chiefs top WR it’s not like he would lose his workhorse status as the perfect pairing with Patrick Mahommes. Maybe he’ll be released from the league but it’s a risk worth taking.

Also, it’s not a great rookie class which is also a factor in being hesitant in hitting reset. There are some solid WR but not a ton of RB rookies which is of course a positon you’re always looking to stock up on. So punch up or punch out? The playoffs may be out of reach with all the questions surrounding my team but a few bounce back seasons and I can trade for a higher price. Still plenty of off season left so right now I’m punching up.