The Fantasy Football season has come to an end and hopefully yours finished better than mine. 2018 started with gathering assets and then there was a big buy to push my team over the top, but on top of the players and strategy you need luck and that wasn’t on my side. 

Teams that win Fantasy Football Championships usually get at least decent luck when it comes to injuries. Our dynasty league is in its third year and the first two seasons belonged to the same team who looks to have set himself up for a dynasty, but injuries derailed his three-peat. Injuries were a huge factor in my team falling short. Devonta Freeman was hurt almost all year, Tevin Coleman didn’t step up, shortly after trading for Tyler Eifert he breaks his leag, Kareem Hunt is a moron that possibly put himself out of the league permanently, and the big trade for AJ Green ends with injury. 

With DeAndre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, Kenny Golladay and Joe Mixon that’s a vast majority of the core of my team either getting hurt or under producing. Despite that I needed a win and one loss the last week of the fantasy regular season to get in to the playoffs, and I got the loss, but my team laid an egg and a 7th place finish was mine again. Even worse, after trying to build the core of my team has turned in to a total head scratcher.

After second straight season of trading my first round pick it could be very easy to think it’s time to sell again, especially given Green’s age, but all of those assets are low. Green, Coleman, Eifert, Freeman, Wentz are all bounce back candidates. And with Hunt I think I’m just in it at this point and will be waiting to see if he gets signed but he still has too much talent to just let go for nothing. Stay the course.

While I’m down a first round pick a second straight year I did put together a core of Mixon, Freeman, Coleman, Hopkins, Hill, Green, Golladay, Njoku and Wentz and that was my whole goal. Eifert, Lamar Jackson, David Carr and Kalen Ballage definitely give me something to at least have some optimism about.
Now is a big time for players to try and find some assets and value. Kickers and defenses are gone to load up on some potential diamonds that could give me value later, like some young backs and receivers who could climb the depth chart. I was also quick to grab Alex Smith, Nick Foles and Teddy Bridgewater to possibly give me some more quateback options. Every year I’ve identified the players I’ve needed to trade; Blount the first year, Lynch and Graham in year two and Tate and AP in year three and a few of them were off season grabs. 

Early in the season I said you need to know your team. In our Dynasty League the buyers went after upgrades early so the teams that knew they wanted to sell, me, were able to jump on it early and control the market and left some teams hanging closer to the deadline. That being said right now I’m going to ride it out because there’s just so much lacking value.