team league, 25 man rosters, 5 taxi spots, start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE,
2Flex, 1DST, 1K]

The worst thing for your team is not
knowing where you stand. If you know what your team is then you can
pick a direction and manage your team. In fact a problem with players
is not knowing what direction they’re going and jumping back and
forth often times moving no where. But if your team is up and down
then how to manage accordingly?

Some questionable trades haven’t
helped this team but the problem has been some of the core players
being up and down for one reason or another and not all having the
same time line. Derrick Henry, Tarik Cohen, Cooper Kupp, O. J.
Howard, Kyle Rudolph; all players that have dealt with injuries,
inconsistent play and have been slated for bigger roles in the
starting line up.

The RB position has gotten a boost the
last two rookie drafts with Miles Sanders and Cam Akers the first
round picks. Joining Henry and Austin Ekeler is a solid top four,
especially for new lineups where all four can start. The problem is
the only other RBs on the roster are Malcolm Brown and Nyheim Hines.
Cohen and Duke Johnson were traded during the draft to get Tee
Higgins, and while neither are going to be the key to a championship,
there was flex appeal there just for some depth.

At WR Kupp and Stefon Diggs are the
top options with Mecole Hardman, Sanu (cut by the Patriots), DeSean
Jackson, Higgins, Paris Campbell and Miles Boykin. Sanu getting cut
really hurt because there’s a whole lot of finger crossing the rest
of the way. Jackson had some flashes but was mostly hurt, where is
Hardman in the Chiefs’ rotation, can Campbell deliver this season?
There’s a lot of speed and potentially big weeks, but it looks like
boom or bust options.

Howard is penciled in as the starting
TE and behind him David Njoku and Rudolph. Thaddeus Moss and Dalton
Keane were drafted rookies but don’t seem to offer much hope for this
season. We’ll see how things play out in ‘Tompa Bay’ but of course
Gronk is the starter. Njoku lost his job to Hooper, not to mention
all the weapons in Cleveland so the best hope may be Rudolph. As he’s
aged he has become less of a consistent starting option, and now has
Irv Smith behind him, but with Diggs traded there’s some more targets
to go around.

This is a team that has chosen to load
up on the QB position but a few are head scratchers. Derek Carr,
Baker Mayfield and Dwayne Haskins are solid enough to play match ups
and of course there’s youth at the position. However, Nick Foles and
P.J. Walker are also on the team. Foles made sense to have when there
was a QB battle in Chicago, and maybe he’ll play but is he going to
change life? Walker shouldn’t be rostered with Bridgewater in
Carolina and the Panthers suspected to target a QB in the 2021 draft.

This team likely sits right in the
middle of the league that will be fighting to get in to the playoffs.
However, with Sanders banged up, depending on how that lingers, it
could be quite the challenge to get in to the playoffs. If some of
those WR find some consistent production that would help the team
stay competitive each week.

For the take over there’s not a whole
lot to do with this team. There aren’t a ton of vets that could bring
in assets. The RB position has a solid four, two good WR with some
interesting depth there but the TE position is weak and there just
isn’t enough depth. With every pick for 2021 you can certainly try
and get another proven WR but I don’t think you do anything drastic.
This team is just trying to build its way to contention and 2020
doesn’t look like the year.