team league, 25 man rosters, 5 taxi spots, start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE,
2Flex, 1DST, 1K]

I don’t know that there’s ever a
perfect fantasy football team but this last stretch of teams area
tier above the rest. In fact, for the last three teams in the team
take over it’s not unfamiliar territory for them as they’ve regularly
been at the top of the league.

This team has regularly run its
division in the five seasons the Dynasty League has been going BUT
had a very tough adjustment to staying in contention. Trading a 1st
round pick for Devonta Freeman hasn’t worked out and David Johnson
looked worthless in the off season so it was no surprise to see this
team flip Le’Veon Bell to recoup a 1st round pick.
However, this team has been one of the most aggressive so away went
D.J. Chark and in came Melvin Gordon.

Aaron Jones led the RB room, hopefully
Green Bay continues to let him be a fantasy stud, but the room got a
boost from David Johnson seeming to find relevance again, Gordon and
the big trade for the Leonard Fournette. Six 1st round
picks have been traded in the weeks leading up to the start of the
season, including two for Fournette. The Tampa backfield is a little
messy but conventional wisdom is Fournette will be the guy. Cluckin
Turducken has to hope those four make it through the season and are
studs because behind them are Freeman, Cordarelle Patterson and
rookies Lynn Bowden and A.J. Dillion.

At WR rookies Brandon Aiyuk and John
Hightower were added to Davante Adams, Tyler Lockett, Marquise Brown
and Jalen Hurd. Another position with a solid top end but there’s
definitely gotta be some finger crossing for health. Adams should be
a target monster once again, and joins Jones and Aaron Rodgers in a
trio stack. Counting on Hollywood Brown to be a regular weekly
starter may be a year too soon, even as the top WR in Baltimore.

While he has started to come down a
bit from the fantasy elite, Zach Ertz is still a stud at TE. This
team also got the benefit of Dawson Knox become available and should
warrant some flex play in the least through the season. C. J. Uzomah
is  penciled in as the starter early for the Bengals but seems to be
more of a blocker. Jordan Reed is for sure interesting, especially as
some injury protection for Kittle, but probably rides the bench all
season. Rookie Hunter Bryant is extremely talented but goes to a VERY
loaded TE room in Cleveland.

Not having a 1st round pick
isn’t new to this team, but you can see how the lack of the top pick
(and absolutely the bad luck) have taken it’s toll on the depth.
Missing the next two 1st round picks and a 3rd
round pick for 2021 why stop there. The good news is this team has
studs and really just needs some depth to give them a little more
breathing room. I personally would hold back on getting rid of
anymore 2022 picks but some depth at WR and RB to help you get
through byes with 2021 picks is a no brainier.

This team has knocked on the
championship door before and just fallen short. Without something
massive I don’t think 2020 is the championship year but this team
should absolutely be in the playoffs. For the take over I think you
wait and see who sells and see if you can add some depth but this has
been one of the most aggressive teams in the league so I wouldn’t be
surprised to see one more big move.