[12 team league, 25 man rosters, 5 taxi spots, start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 2Flex, 1DST, 1K]

How quickly can a team build up from the number one selection? Now granted, Lights Kamara Action took over a team better than the top draft slot but how close is this team to contention. Waiting until after the Thursday night game between the Texans and Chiefs shed some more light on that question.

No suprise, Clyde Edwards-Helaire was the first pick and joined Justin Jefferson, Jalen Reagor, Adam Trautman and Anthony McFarland as the notable rookies for this year’s draft. Drafting CEH is a big part of the answer to how quickly can you get to championship contention.

CEH is going to be a stud and joins Alvin Kamara as one of the best fantasy backfields. Kerryon Johnson seems like a solid third in the starting lineup and Chris Thompson looks like he’ll be a solid flex piece for the season. Alexander Mattison is an interesting long term piece, but Adrian Peterson and Mike Davis are meh in terms of production for this season.

Having Julio Jones is another stud in the lineup. Behind him is Brandin Cooks, Sterling Shepard, John Ross, Anthony Miller, Jalen Guyton and John Ross. That’s with the rookies Jefferson and Reagor who hopefully come on before the season ends. There’s enough there to put together a starting lineup, but you can see how this team got to the top draft pick. There’s some interesting depth but not quite enough top end talent, at least before the rookie draft.

Hayden Hurst was a great off season pick up, thanks to the top draft pick waiver claim. Eric Ebron should be a good back up and forms a stack with Ben Roethlisberger. Lance Thomas seems like a low key fantasy piece to have. Personally, I think Trautman will be a stud in fantasy in a year or two in the New Orleans offense as well.

Most expect a bounce back season from Big Ben but with Kyler Murray as well the QB spot is in a really good spot. This is after trading Deshaun Watson for a boatload of picks in the off season. 

There’s no denying this team had a monster draft and makes things really interesting for a take over. Everyone knew CEH was gonna be good but he may still exceed those expectations. Before the draft my thoughts were this team should look at maybe shipping off some vets, Big Ben and Julio, but this is a definite playoff team.

With a 1st round pick and three 2nd round picks in 2021 there’s definitely ammo to make a move further in to contention. For the take over I think it’s a wait and see approach. Big Ben is definitely an asset you’d move in season but I think Julio has several high end seasons left in him. That means you can feel it out in the off season. Because moving him in season likely doesn’t sink this team to a top end pick so go for it or have another good draft and load up the roster on young talent.

I don’t think this team is a championship contender, but those top four draft picks and flipping Julio Jones could have this team stockpiling some of the best young talent in the whole league. And you may not even have to trade Julio if some of the rookies catch quick. That’s why I think it’s a wait and see approach. Maybe there’s a deal to make to boost the team, maybe you have some bad luck and could look at flipping Julio or you see how your team does in the playoffs and try and have another good draft.