despise Indiana University with every fiber in my being. It’s a
rivalry and that’s something that college sports has over the pro
leagues, the passion is there that makes it real. The creative chants
are some of my favorite parts of student section participation, but
last night was a classless showing from Assembly Hall.

Matt Glenesk
of the Indy Star documented the
the whole world heard targeted at Matt Haarms throughout
the night. Hate of IU or not there is tradition for the Hoosier
program and they’re recognized as one of the blue bloods of college
basketball and that’s why ‘F-U Haarms’ being chanted over and over
again was absolutely pathetic. No program should be okay with that
and the athletic department dropped the ball during a national
television broadcast.

Fan is short
for fanatic and the responses on the net have made sure to let you
know plenty of blinders up. The argument should never be ‘Well other
student sections do it too.’ A ‘blue blood’ of college basketball
should be above that always, but there hasn’t been a graceful defeat
here. Losing 11 of their last 12 the Hoosiers have shown who they
really are, which made the karma of the Haarms tip in even sweeter.

Three straight
wins in Bloomington for the first time ever, five in a row against IU
and eight of the last nine. Indiana has the one-and-done in Romeo
Langford as the ship continues to sink faster while Coach Painter has
Purdue firmly in the hunt for another Big Ten Championship. The
Boilermakers are the better program.

Painter found
the underrated Carsen Edwards that badly wanted to go to Texas who
has become a star and potential player of the year candidate. Ryan
Cline’s family bleeds crimson and cream but he’s winning games for
the black and gold. While Indiana may recruit better Painter has
figured out how to build his team and crank out successful seasons.
Five teams have won 12 conference games for five straight seasons and
two of them are Purdue, including this year. Cue up the banner
argument that always comes.

Rivalries are
a big part of what make college sports great but do so with at least
a little dignity. National TV got the see the better program pull out
a win, redemption for a player that was chastised all game and who
the fans of Assembly Hall really are. For the full court mess that is
the Hoosier program how about chanting ’13 and 13’ at the next game?