Despite rumors and reports to the contrary, Prince William and Prince Harry have been on the outs for years, with a rift that started well before Meghan Markle entered the picture.

In a new book by Robert Lacey, Battle of Brothers, the historian claims Harry caused a controversy 20 years ago by dressing up in a Nazi uniform to go to a “Colonials and Natives” fancy dress party. Now, of course, Harry and his wife Meghan have been outspoken about issues regarding race.

Lacey claims that Harry thinks he shared too much of the blame for the incident, as William was there when he got the outfit, and didn’t object.

Lacey writes: “In January 2005, the brothers went down to Maud's Cotswold Costumes to select their outfits for a friend's 'Colonials and Natives' fancy-dress party.

“William opted in the end to go as a lion—or was it a leopard?—with tight black leggings and furry paws.

“As for Harry, he chose a khaki-colored uniform that, he later explained, he selected for the sandiness of the shirt: he thought it complemented his coloring. The trouble was that the shirt's left sleeve was encircled by a bright red and white armband bearing a stark, black Nazi swastika. If there was one incident in the youth of Prince Harry that would be taken to represent his wild, foolish and totally unjudged side, it was that Nazi costume.”

Photos of him appeared on the cover of the UK tabloid The Sun. The backlash was immediate and long.


Meanwhile, Patrick J. Adams tells Radio Times that he’s too “intimidated” to call his pal and former Suits co-star Meghan.

“I have no doubt I could pick up the phone and call her at any moment, but I don't know what I would say.”

He added that after Archie was born and he welcomed a child with Troian Bellisario, they were in touch.

“After our children were born, there were some texts sent and gifts sent, but I guess I'm a little scared,” he explained. “I think it's pure fear. I guess I'm scared about the idea of breaking through whatever walls exist to have that conversation.”

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