Matthew McConaughey appeared on a recent episode of the SmartLess podcast, and hosts Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes couldn’t help but recall the time they tried to have the Dallas Buyers Club actor on the show a couple of years prior. They ended up scrapping the episode entirely because Bateman had a “full meltdown” due to technological difficulties.

Arnett played a recording of Bateman struggling with his computer on Monday’s (September 18th) episode. “I don't see it here on the sound thing, so let's cancel,” the Arrested Development actor said in the clip. “Let's just reschedule this thing. I'm in a total f—ing tailspin.”

McConaughey then jokingly imitated Bateman: “'We've gotta reboot here. His iPad got cloned, and then it got wiped right before the dog peed on it, so I gotta reboot one more time. Wait a minute, it's buffering. Wait, let me reinstall. No, I'm installing. No, it's gonna restart. We got a failure. I need a security check. Oh s—, we got a virus. let me reschedule this whole show. S—, you guys start without me. F–k that, everyone be patient.”

Not knowing McConaughey was listening at the time, Bateman said, “The worst part is me hearing someone laughing and thinking it's Sean or Will and going, 'Who did that? That's not helpful’ … And then I just slammed my laptop shut. It's not one of my prouder moments.”

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