After accusing Jeremy Renner of taking abusing drugs and requesting that he get tested for the safety of their 7-year-old daughter Ava, his ex-wife Sonny Pacheco has filed a motion to investigate his finances, The Blast reports.

Her filing is a response to Renner’s recent motion to reduce his child support payments from $30,000 to $11,000 per month, saying he is no longer collecting paychecks from The Avengers series.

In his filing, Renner claimed that Pacheco used child support as a “slush fund” for her lavish lifestyle. He also wants his business manager to control the child support funds, instead of Pacheco.

In her filing, Pacheco is demanding that Renner and his manager be deposed, so she can grill them about his income, assets and financial status. She is also claiming that Renner has been reckless with their daughter’s health during the pandemic, and in addition to a drug test, wants him tested for COVID. Pacheco reminded the court of an alleged 2019 incident in which he put a gun into his month and threatened to kill himself while Ava was nearby.

The pair have been duking it since splitting in 2014.

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