Julia Louis-Dreyfus is humorously shining a light on the shortcomings of artificial intelligence. The Seinfeld actor revealed during the WSJ. Magazine 2023 Innovator Awards this year that she used ChatGPT to create her acceptance speech that night.

“As an entertainment innovator, I am very, very busy innovating,” Louis-Dreyfus said. “So I did what any other innovator worth her salt would do: I turned to Chat GPT-4.” The Veep actor revealed that the chatbot not only mixed up “innovator” with “investor,” but it also confused her for Julia Roberts.

Reading the speech, Dreyfus said, “Reflecting on this milestone, I am reminded of the unwavering support of my family and the unyielding dedication of my team that has the been driving force behind my investment strategies and my performances in ‘Erin Brockovich,’ ‘Pretty Woman,’ and ‘Mystic Pizza.'”

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