Let’s cross our
fingers with the news from the Tennessee Titans it’s just a blip for
the NFL season, but the MVP race is over. Russell Wilson, who has
never even gotten an MVP vote which is a joke, has it locked up.
Patrick Mahommes and Aaron Rodgers have been great but the MVP is
going to the Seahawk.

Russell is off
to a monster start with 925 yards, 14 touchdowns to one interception
and completing almost 77% of his passes. Seattle has needed every bit
of that production as well to get to a 3-0 start, winning two games
by only one score. But it’s not just the historic start, first QB to
throw at least four scores in the first three games, it’s because of
the rest of the team this race is over.

Pete Carroll
is a defensive coach, this team put together one of the most dominant
defenses early in Wilson’s career but long gone is the Legion of
Boom. The Seattle defense is giving up almost 500 yards a game and
almost 29 points per game. Opposing offenses are completing over 50%
of their third downs and the Seattle defense has only mustered five
sacks in the three games. Seattle is plus four in the turnover
margin, but that’s just as much from Wilson only having one

Pete Carroll
and general manager John Schneider have their jobs still because of
Russell Wilson. Pete’s defenses have been awful the last few seasons
and have done very little to help out their All Pro QB. For the next
two drafts Seattle won’t have first round picks because they traded
for safety Jamal Adams. Now the defense was awful and needed an
addition, but what about protecting your top asset?

The offensive
line woes are well documented, but if you look at the roster how many
players would have an impact for another team outside of Wilson? I
like Poona Ford on the line, but the lack of pass rush speaks for
itself. K. J. Wright is good and Bobby Wagner is a stud, but besides
the addition of Adams who else is making a Pro Bowl for the defense?

On the
offensive side there’s some names that would have been big additions,
five years ago. Duane Brown is old and so is Greg Olsen. Schneider
did spend an earlier pick on the man that is DK Metcalf and Tyler
Lockett is a player. They are talented but Wilson deserves a ton of
credit for their development also. It seems like almost anyone you
give Wilson on offense he can make work. Chris Carson is worth noting
also, but he has had injury concerns though the most recent injury is
questionable because of the tackle from the Cowboys’ defender.

Since Russell
Wilson was drafted in 2012 the Seahawks have made the playoffs every
year except one. They haven’t gotten past the divisional game since
2014 but Wilson has carried them in to postseason play over the last
half decade. Wilson is elevating this team the same way the young
Andrew Luck did for the Colts. Luck took a team with the first
overall pick immediately in to the playoffs despite a lack luster
roster. That was despite taking a regular beating that forced him in
to an early retirement.

It’s well
documented that Aaron Rodgers has only thrown two touchdown passes to
first round picks, and there’s plenty of criticism for the Green Bay
front office under Ted Thompson. Even still after their 2020 draft
getting three back ups with their first three picks. But Rodgers
still has one of the best WR in the league, a top RB and a solid
offensive line. If you put an average QB in Wilson’s place this team
is quickly racing to the top overall pick. The race is over, Russell
Wilson is the 2020 NFL MVP.