I don’t think I’m alone when I say I avoid the doctor, not that I think I’m invincible but because I can get over whatever affliction may be bothering me. I generally take my vitamins, try to get at least a little bit active and make solid eating choices so with rest, fluids and some medicine I can beat whatever has me sick.

I also don’t think I’m alone in saying that when I’m under the weather that I will still try to gut it out and go to work, look no further than myself sounding like a bullfrog on air Wednesday. If you can get through it then you do and try and make it home to get some rest and feel better for the next day, but why? We all know the rule that you’re supposed to avoid work so you don’t spread it around but no one actually does that, why?

It took Producer Butterz telling me ‘Hey if you sound like that again then just don’t come in. It sounds rough and we don’t want anyone else getting sick.’ And I can honestly say that I had not considered even taking a sick day before that and even was set against taking one. I clearly am sick, and trust me it felt just as bad as it sounded, so why not take the day I know I could probably use and try and get better?

I can tell you, as cliché as it may be, that I enjoy the work I do. Since McCall and I have been paired together we’ve each only taken one sick day, coming up on two years. That speaks to the joy of the work we do but also the commitment to our show day in and day out and that’s just as a big a reason for why I was avoiding the sick day, so I don’t leave my teammate hanging. Of course not that she can’t do it, but so she doesn’t have to.

Another big reason is because availability is key in any job. As crazy as it may seem radio is a volatile career and things can change in an instant, I’ve experienced this. Don’t get me wrong I feel very secure in my job but it’s just ingrained in me to be there and be working hard each and every day. This is something I’ve even thought about when I’m on vacation. I don’t regret going to Italy other trips, but I do think about what’s happening while I’m gone.

I definitely am not afraid of the doctor, but the truth is medical expenses are no joke. If I have a cold or a sinus infection, my family gets those instead of the flu, I can deal with them and get over them without being told what I have. Generally my rule is three days, if I’m not getting over the worst of it after day three then I’ll make the trip to the doctor. Until then I think rest, fluids and some generally meds will be all it takes to get better.

The truth is I could definitely be better about going to the doctor for physicals, examinations and basic check-ups but I operate under the same thought process as most in that unless something feels wrong then I’m okay. I don’t think it has to do with an invincibility complex or anything but really just a little bit of ignorance and blinders about things.

This year I’ll be turning 30 and have made no bones about being unhappy about it, but perhaps it’ll change my attitude towards my health. Unlikely but this is one of the longest lasting sinus infections I’ve ever had so maybe the truth is my body is getting older and I need to do my part to take better care of it.