Justin Theroux set the record straight about his breakup with Jennifer Aniston in a new interview with Esquire.

The Leftovers actor says that there was not a “dramatic split” and the two have “remained friends.”

In direct response to the rumors that the two broke up over their desire to live on separate coasts, he told the outlet, “That's a narrative that is not true, for the most part. Look, people create narratives that make themselves feel better or simplify things for them. That whole 'This person likes rock 'n' roll, that person likes jazz. Of course!' That's just not the case. It's an oversimplification.”

He added, “I would say we've remained friends. We don't talk every day, but we call each other. We FaceTime. We text.

“Like it or not, we didn't have that dramatic split, and we love each other. I'm sincere when I say that I cherish our friendship. We can not be together and still bring each other joy and friendship. Also, she makes me laugh very, very hard. She's a hilarious person. It would be a loss if we weren't in contact, for me personally. And I'd like to think the same for her.”

The stars, who wed in 2015, announced their separation in a joint statement in February 2018.

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